Recycled Wine Country Wind Chimes

Since the Misty Oak is a California Company based in Mariposa California, and Mariposa has some excellent vineyards and wineries in our wonderful county, we added these wind chimes to our products.

Each of these wind chimes are made predominately from recycled products found in wine country.   In some of our wind chimes you will find parts of old wine barrels staves, varieties of recycled and slumped/fired wine bottles (as well as some other adult beverage bottles), and various other recycled items found here and there throughout the Mariposa area.

A warning:  These wind chimes are predominately fired glass from recycled bottles.  We don’t recommend you leave your wind chimes hanging outside in high winds or severe weather…they are glass!!  Also, please keep them out of the reach of small children, wild animals and intoxicated friends and neighbors ;)